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For the Next Generation of Publishers.

Whether its a personal blog or a 100-writer publishing group, Storipress brings content, design and editorial teams together. Discover the best publishing platform ever.

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Enough of this sheet. Organise and manage your editorial 2x faster.

Currently fighting with 5 different tools to manage your publishing Workflow? Storipress integrates all tools a publisher needs into a central platform — one change updates all systems. Storipress is your new single source of truth.

Advanced editorial workflow

Free yourself from workflow hell. In Storipress, all unpublished articles are shown on a kanban board of drafts, reviewed, and scheduled; giving you full visibility of your production pipeline and who's responsible for what.

Schedule with context on a full page calendar

Scheduling content without historical context is like driving blind. Storipress shows all your articles on calendar, allowing you to see everything published in the past and future, enabling better content strategy and organisation. CMS Editorial Workflow, perfected.

Article stage workflow colour coding

Articles are colour coded by stage: orange is draft, blue is 'for editor review', and green is 'reviewed or published' for instant visualisation of your team's workflow.

Integrate anything

Add custom code to your site’s header and footer to connect Google and Facebook analytics. Additionally, connect your Mailchimp to build loyal subscribers.

Individual desk permissions

In Storipress, articles are organised into ‘newsdesks’ or content categories, with their own individualised user permissions. Ensure people only edit what they should.

Powerful search and filter

Have 50,000 articles? Forget fiddling around with search that misses queries or is overly complex. Storipress' unibar search function deals with massive content catalogues to find you anything, instantly.

Perfect SEO — without plugins

Storipress has all the fundamental technical modern SEO features built in. Metadata controls, automatic XML sitemaps, RPC pings, robots.txt + more — no plugins necessary.